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The Astrum Empire itself is built upon the core values of Freedom, Stability and Prosperity. These three principals help guide the Empire into a bright and successful future amongst the organizations of Dual Universe.

Astrum Empire is dedicated to fulfilling the freedom of its citizens on becoming whomever you can be in Dual Universe.

Astrum Empire is prided on being foremost Stable to provide a well-balanced and enjoyable experience for its citizens in Dual Universe.

Astrum Empire strives for Prosperity to allow its citizens have a bright and well stable future in Dual Universe.

Being an Imperial Citizen is a privilege that no other organization can beat.


Pre-Astrum Empire

Astrum Empire was officially founded in January 1st, 2016 as the Galactic Republic of Planets under President Comrademoco. Through the years, the Galactic Republic helped form and established organizations such as Cinderfall Syndicate whose goal was to set to be a leading example and torch for other organizations to follow. The Galactic Republic of Planets, in times of political conflicts, help lead organizations to a common goal against those proposing an unwell being in the Dual Universe Community. Since then, the Galactic Republic of Planets held a political neutral stance for and against all organizational accords.

Post-Galactic Republic of Planets

March 20th, 2018 marks the Starting date of a new Era. Galactic Republic of Planets ceased to exist in its entirety and reformed itself into the Astrum Empire.

Astrum Empire awaits a bright and successful future


The Astrum Empire’s goals are simple. Maintain a politically neutral presence in Dual Universe, unless otherwise necessary.

Astrum Empire’s primary drive is having a safe and well-established environment for its citizens, this being the first and foremost of our goals.

Astrum Empire will strive to making a connection of good reputation and of welcoming feeling with all and any the Astrum Empire deals with or meets.


The Astrum Empire is structured in a form that allows to easily be managed and help reach its goals.


The Emperor handles all major operations regarding the overall focus and direction of the Empire


Control of any offensive or defensive arrangements. Request for starships, bases, weapons


Control of external affairs (non-violent), inter-org relationships, trades, accords, alliances.

Internal Affairs

Recruitment, assistance with training, guides, granting permission for base building.


Design of aircraft, starships, blueprints etc. Works as requested by other depts. Also responsible for resource gathering and control of resource usage.

Each Department is led by a Dux who sees how each department is ran to help the Emperor archives his/her focus and direction of the Empire and benefit the overall wellbeing of its Citizens.

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