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Accords; Aeonian Federation Membership

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Past Issue: December 2nd, 2018

From: Imperator Arcitnus

To: Astrum Empire Community Outreach

Re: Aeonian Federation Membership and Non-aggression Pact

If history is to be proven right, it shows that the ever-changing political structure of Dual Universe can boast in great peace and healthy affairs as well as drown in the sorrow of political drama brought onto by other non-friendly entities always up to malicious affairs. This is why, the Astrum Empire recognizes that without allies, there is no easy way to prosper and be leaders in helping build a better Dual Universe tomorrow.

As such, the Astrum Empire is proud to announce that it has concluded diplomatic talks with the Aeonian Federation. This has resulted in the Astrum Empire joining and becoming a member organization with-in the Aeonian Federation.

The full specifics of this agreement are posted in the accords section of our website. The short of it is that while the Astrum Empire retains full sovereignty, it agrees to abide by a Non-aggression Pact with other Aeonian Federation member organizations and gains access to common Aeonian Federation facilities and trade hubs for all citizens and members of the Empire.

We look forward to working alongside the Aeonian Federation and its' member organizations to establish a good, positive and healthy relationship within the vast ever changing political spectrum of Dual Universe. Helping build, a better tomorrow!


Arcitnus Imperator - Astrum Empire

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