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Ad minore ad maius; Dux Arcitnus

Ahoy, I am known as Arcitnus to most likely everyone reading this. I enjoy a wide range of games including From the Depths, the Total Wars, and Overwatch. I also spend too much time reading. Which our Imperator and my fellow Duxs have the misfortune of seeing me quote from time to time.

I first found Dual Universe in early 2017 and after following the game for a while joined the Astrum Empire in June of that year.

Now as the Astrum Empire starts on a new stage of its journey I am honored to be here, and I hope I will be able to contribute to Astrum’s success. To our current members: greetings. To our future citizens: Welcome. I hope to see you in-game.

That is all,


Dux – Astrum Empire

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