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Ad minore ad maius; Dux Armyboy

Hello everyone, my ign's armyboy941 or to make it easy I tell many to just call me Matt. I've been a member of Dual Universe for about a year now and a part of the Astrum Empire for 6 months.

I'm currently in the process of earning my BS in aerospace engineering but if I'm not studying, you'll probably find me in Dual Universe or World of Warships.

Being a part of the AE and my role within can be attributed to my experience from playing EVE online and being a part of the null sec politics within that game. I've left EVE a little over 2 years ago and my urge to rejoin would resurface every now and then but it just hasn't felt the same after 7 years. My itch however for a new and improved sci-fi mmorpg scratched by DU and I wanna make sure I put my best forward within this games community and the Astrum Empire.



Dux - Astrum Empire

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