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Ad minore ad maius; Dux Sul-Matuul

I am Sul-Matuul, some of you may have met me in the Ashlands of Vvardenfell, but that is another tale.... I first started my gaming way back in the 90's with the original X-Wing series from Lucasarts (Rip) and have always loved flying spaceships in games. Through the years I've played a fair number of FPS shooters, Goldeneye, Unreal, CoD...the usual suspects, and you'll still catch me playing Planetside 2 even to this day.

My only real foray into MMO territory has been Star Trek Online (on which I've spent waaaay too much time!) and a tiny period in EVE and World of Warships, respectively.

Dual Universe is something that greatly excites me. We've all seen these sandbox sci-fi games with big open worlds and lots of possibilities... but we've not seen one like this. DU gives YOU the chance to build what YOU want, and fly it how YOU want. It opens up an entirely new realm of player made creations which all play a role in a living and dynamic world. Unlike many MMOs or space based games it will be us, the players who will build the game world we play in, an that is something very special.

The Astrum Empire seeks to allow players to fulfill their dreams of creating anything they want, but with the knowledge of a great friendly community and organization backing them up to support them, encourage them... to help them grow as players.

The strength of the empire comes from the strength of all members.



Dux - Astrum Empire

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