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Ad minore ad maius; Imperator Comrademoco

For those of you who've yet to know me fully, I am known as Comrademoco in a lot of places. My closest friends know me as Junior - which I hope to make more within the realm of Dual Universe, but most importantly within the Astrum Empire.

I've been passionately following the development of Dual Universe since I can remember, sometime back in late 2014. This passion, the drive to get involve in Dual Universe has landed me some privileges that being thankful for or just simply saying thanks, would be of shortcoming.

In the Dual Universe community I am privileged to be one of the Admins in charge of making the Community Discord (now Official) run and be an inviting place to all those who join it. I have the honor to be in charge of the Dual Universe Subreddit helping it be a welcoming place and of course. -nice to read to your eyes, css files are fun to make- Lastly, NQ has trusted me with being an ATV member. This, is just a short list of the involvement I have with the community. All which I'm thankful for and glad to be a part of.

The best way to get to know me, is to personally engage with me and so, I look forward to leading a new era of The Astrum Empire, with high hopes of a bright and successful future amongst the Dual Universe's Stars.



Imperator - Astrum Empire

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