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Accords: Ark Central Patronage

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Greetings citizens of the Astrum Empire,

We all know that in the age we live in not all sources are reliable. The Empire seeks to ensure that those sources which have time and time again proven to be timely in their news, reliable in their sources, and fair in their analysis are given the support and recognition they deserve. To this end, the Astrum Empire is proud to announce that, through the had work of Dux Comrademoco of the Departmento Diplomatica, we will enter into a sponsorship agreement with Ark Central news. Helping to make sure that they continue to keep us all updated on the constantly changing landscape that is Dual Universe.

As a long standing organization in Dual Universe, we've witness a vast number of community driven projects aimed at creating, developing, fostering and pushing content by from Dual Universe for all fans to enjoy and get involved in, Ark Central, was no exception. Ark Central; is a News Outlet dedicate to creating top quality news content for everything to indulge in.

Astrum Empire is proud to announce the following;

"As of today the 4th of March, 2019, Astrum Empire is proud to start this sponsorship as a form of recognition of hard work developing news content by the Dual Universe community for the Dual Universe community. Thank you Ark Central for providing a top notch level bar in quality news content for us Dual Universe fans."

Want to catch up with the latest news about Dual Universe's organizational political affairs?

Want to catch up with the latest news about Dual Universe's development updates? Look no further, Ark Central has you covered.

Check out more about Ark Central here; Youtube Channel

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Arcitnus Imperator - Astrum Empire

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