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Astrum Empire - Acceptance of Throne

Past Issue: October 24th, 2018

From: Dux Arcitnus - Departmento Militaria

To: Astrum Empire and Outlets

RE: Acceptance of Transfer of Power

Events like these are among those which despite any amount of planning, always come suddenly and as a surprise. We have always been lucky to have someone such as Comrademoco leading us. Looking around at other organizations only reinforces this. Under his leadership the Empire has grown into a group of close and dedicated people. A group of people with which to meet any challenge. Including the challenge of changing leadership.

I awoke today to be greeted by a great surprise. I have been charged by my Imperator and friend to undertake the responsibilities which he had for so long shouldered without the slightest fault. I have been tasked with fulling the role of Imperator for the Astrum Empire; with upholding the values of the Empire, seeing to the protection and prosperity of the Empire’s citizens, and leading us all towards a future worthy of loyalty and dedication they have shown their fellows.

Comrade, I accept the office to which you are elevating me. I will do all within my power and will to lead with steady hand, to make proper decisions in the interest of the Empire, and to make the Empire a strong organization within Dual universe. I formally accept the Throne of the Astrum Empire.

May our future be even brighter than our past,


Imperator – Astrum Empire

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