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Astrum Empire - Transfer of Power

Past Issue: October 24th, 2018.

From: Imperator Comrademoco

To: Astrum Empire and Outlets

RE: Transfer of Power

First and foremost, this is not a farewell but a see you around. While leading an organization is not easy task -as my past experience in leading communities in other games has taught me- one thing that has always stuck with me through those years is, knowing when the time to pass on the lead is near or should be done.

Today, we reach that time. I hereon pass on the Throne of the Astrum Empire and all it's decision making to the following Imperator. These past few years, I had a great time leading one of the oldest organizations in Dual Universe through it's inception as the Galactic Republic of Planets back in 2014, being able to forge alliance with other organizations and overseeing it's reformation from a Republic to what it is now the Astrum Empire.

Officially, the Astrum Empire is now in the hands of Imperator Arcitnus, and old friend who has stuck with me through all the events the former GRP and Astrum Empire went through, someone who understands the Empire's history and knows how to move forward and maintain the principals of the Empire at a much better effect that I could have ever done or wish to have been able to.

Imperator Arcitnus, the Astrum Empire is in your hands, I believe that you'll be to lead with a steady hand, make the proper decisions and make the Empire a strong organization within Dual Universe. I formally now transfer the Throne to Imperator Arcitnus.



(former) Imperator - Astrum Empire

Image Courtesy of Stefan Celic

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