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Galactic Republic of Planets of Past, Astrum Empire of Now

Over the years, since the creation of The Galactic Republic of Planets, the goals and focus of the Republic were both unclear and unmet. As a long standing and oldest organization in Dual Universe, this was both; unacceptable and distasteful. This came as an unwanted side effect; forgotten. Something the Republic was not looking for.

The Galactic Republic of Planets of Past The Galactic Republic of Planets served its' purpose, be a strong and well influential organization in the early days of Dual Universe. This, however, changed as the Dual Universe morphed into more than that. In order to cope with these changes, The Galactic Republic of Planets is no more.

The Astrum Empire of Now The Astrum Empire is a complete Monarchical Organization. It's Focus. Bringing sustainability to its land, prosperity to its' citizens, aid to those in need, create long-lasting friendships, and to maintain a golden era of growth in Dual Universe Welcome. To The Astrum Empire of Now!

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