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The Astrum Empire's Sedes

The only way to truly rule and manage an Empire with success, is by directly involving oneself with it's citizens. We believe this strongly! In order to achieve this, we feel that the best way to do this, is by knowing who is in the front lines leading the Empire.

This series; entitled: "Ad minore ad maius" will go over each of the Members in the seats of the Empire, helping lead and make our Empire, successful!

  • Imperator Comrademoco - Emperor of the Astrum Empire

  • Dux Sul-Matuul - Head Administrator of the Diplomatic Affairs

  • Dux Arcitnus - Head Secretary of Military Proceedings

  • Dux Armyboy - Head Administrator of Internal Affairs

  • Dux Benjermin - Head General of the Imperial Guard

  • Dux Cemenotar - Director of Naval Aviation and Designs

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